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"Damn ! I have forgotten the description headers."
That what I said a night, when I realized that I have forgotten to add a description header to 10 or 12 files.
Of course adding a header to source files is not very complicated. Just do some copy and paste in a text editor and the job is done. But with a dedicated tool, you could do it a little bit faster.
HeaderAdder is not a revolutionary soft, but the kind of tool you put in your soft-dev/ folder and then you forget it until the day you say "Damn ! I have forgotten "

HeaderAdder is written in PHP. It is platform independent.
You can access it with your web browser and fill the form. Then you choose the file to which add the header.
The header is added in the begging of the file in form of a comment.



You can choose between these two options : More seriously HeaderAdder is GPL.